Little Banty Chicken and the Big Dream by Lynea Gillen & Kristina Swarner


Mindfulness in Action

A soothing children’s picture book with an enchanting tale of one little chicken who has the courage to make her dream of gratitude come true with the support of the wise moon and her barnyard friends. Sweet, yet vibrant illustrations and the rhythm of one’s actions rippling out toward a positive outcome will engage readers of all ages.

More than just a bedtime story, Banty Chicken helps children to talk about their dreams for themselves and those they love, and ways we can help each other make our dreams come true.

Its uplifting message is also perfect for the classroom where it ties in with lessons on community building, character education and nutrition education.

Includes bonus activities to inspire children to identify and share and work together to realize their dreams.

​36 pages, 30 Full color illustrations, 9.25″ x 9.25″ format, Ages 3+​


Hear what inspired Lynea to write Little Banty Chicken:Lynea LBC YouTube Thumbnail






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