Yoga Calm Youth Instructor Licensing & Membership Program (12 mos)

$100 / year


This offering is only for those who have completed Yoga Calm Youth Instructor certification process.

This annual license* allows you to use the Yoga Calm trademark and materials in the promotion of your classes and other offerings.

In addition, you will receive access to our Membership Program for Certified instructors which provides you with a deeper exploration of the tools and concepts presented in Yoga Calm trainings, as well as access to in-depth educational materials and videos, promotional assistance, clothing and product discounts, and other special benefits.

The Membership Program includes the following benefits:

  • An online catalog of over 800 lesson plans and resources searchable by any keyword.
  • A training library of over 70 video courses and classes to help you grow in your abilities.
  • Worldwide Instructor Directory and listing of your offered classes for youth including personal profile to highlight your skills and help you to collaborate with other health and education professionals.
  • Personal assistance from the founders of Yoga Calm and an online business kit with dozens of high quality photos, flyer templates and presentations.
  • Discounts on courses, clothing and lifestyle purchases from over 15 companies (e.g., Prana, Lucy,  Gaiam, Lululemon, etc).

*** BONUS: Included in your Membership, free of charge, are training videos with Lynea and Dr David Berceli and a one-year subscription to our Empower Health & Wellness curriculum (over $200 in value). ***

*Note: Your membership will automatically renew on an annual basis and your credit card will automatically be charged the applicable yearly fee until you cancel your Yoga Calm membership.