Earth Warriors | Protecting the Planet through Love, Knowledge & Action


The Earth Warriors handbook…

Cultivates our natural curiosity and love of nature through simple outdoor explorations

Deepens our personal connection to nature’s elements through language, art and yoga

Inspires science literacy and stewardship through natural science education and inspirational stories

Highly experiential, its activities invite children to explore and integrate knowledge of our natural world by way of physical, sensory, and emotional engagement.

Organized around the four primary elements—Earth, Water, Air & Fire—the handbook’s design is a simple and fun way to explore our natural world.

With dozens of easy-to-use activities and step-by-step lesson plans, Earth Warriors can easily be adapted to different ages, abilities, and settings, such as classrooms, camps, homes, and yoga studios.

The beauty of nature pours from the book’s original art, inspiring creativity, mindfulness and stewardship.

The Earth Warriors handbook also demonstrates how to:

  • Connect with “backdoor nature” (e.g., street trees, parks, schoolyards, backyards)
  • Develop skills for scientific inquiry, such as observation, nature journaling, and developing hypotheses
  • Inspire and cultivate imagination with stories about youth Earth Warriors from around the world
  • Listen to youths’ feelings related to environmental loss and use nature to restore a sense of belonging and connection
  • Use story and myth to build a relationship with animals and the environment and develop a language of connectedness
  • Provide opportunities to steward the plants, animals and natural areas in our immediate environment

This guide is designed to be used in conjunction with the book Yoga Calm for Children.

176 pages; 21 color illustrations. Downloadable PDF.